Good Guide Certified Products

(2) Good Guide Certified Products

Before reviewing household, home, and beauty products, I cross check with to give you a more precise and clear overview of the health, ethical and societal impact the individual product has. While I do not exclusively review products that are listed on the GoodGuide, or have a perfect rating, I am trying to inform you as much as I possibly can about products and the impact that they might have on you.

Screenshot_7Often times, I am given products, to review, where I will not know their details until I actually hold them in  my
hands. If I do find out that there is a problem on either the social, ethical or health side of it, I will let you
know in my reviews, and it will impact them negatively.

I will try my best to provide you with comprehensive information so that you can safely and confidently buy.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the information provided to The Good Guide, and neither is the GoodGuide because companies tend to chance policies and ingredients

Check out my additional information about industry certifications that keep you healthy, and ethically responsible

Bunny Certified
Peta certified
Safe Cosmetic Pledge
Compact For Cosmetics Champions

There are many other ways a company can be certified, and I will bring you updated information, depending on the product I am featuring.

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