A Dollar-Store Quality Bag With An Amazon Price Tag

A Dollar-Store Quality Bag With An Amazon Price Tag

I like to stay organized, from the kitchen to the bathroom, so little tools like makeup bags are always a welcome item for me. What I like about makeup bags is that they are usually very creative, sometimes very colorful, at other times elegant, and sophisticated. I really do not have a preference in style, and find them all interesting and pretty, so I gave this geometric cosmetic bag from ASAPS a try, even though I never had one with this type of design before.

A Dollar Store Bag At Amazon Prices - A Revie2I was truly disappointed when I opened the box, though, discovering a cheaply made, dollar store quality bag, that was not suitable for an adult. Maybe this would make an interesting addition for a younger girl, who likes to color on her makeup bag – because the design seriously reminded me of the pages I have seen in adult coloring books, the cheap ones, mind you – but I doubt even that.

For almost 9 dollars, and shipping on top of that, if you do not have Amazon Prime, I expect a lot more value.

Gladly, I did not have to pay for it and received this product for free in return for an honest review. As you can see, I honestly did not like it.

If you are in the market for a lower priced makeup bag, I suggest that you check out  this Clinique Cosmetic Cherry Blossom Makeup Bag, which I have, and am very happy with.

Clinique Makeup Bag


Happy Shopping!


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