Dawn Dishsoap Versus Ecos Dishmate Apricot: A Review

Dawn Dishsoap Versus Ecos Dishmate Apricot- A ReviewI used to swear by Dawn Dishsoap, pretty much ever since I moved from Germany to the US. It was my go to cleaning the dishes soap, whether I had a dishwasher or not – after all you got to pre-wash the stuff, don’t you?

After some soul searching, research and having a daughter who is adamant about living an ethical, cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle, as well as several allergies later, I have been on the look out to affordably replace my favorite products with healthy, cruelty-free ones.

Not always does that work, either because the products are too expensive, or because they simply do not do their job.

It took me a while to find the perfect replacement for my above-mentioned favorite, but I have finally come across it

810BRBcHgJL._SY679_Introducing Ecos Dishmate Apricot Dishsoap. Just as strong as Dawn, but unlike the other product, it does not contain Triclosan
an ingredient that is thought to cause skin toxicity, and organ toxicity, and is restricted in its use in Canada and Japan

Ecos Dishmate has a very pleasant smell, not too strong, but also not as week as some of the other green product out there.
It is nice and thick, and inexpensive. I get mine on Amazon Prime Now, delivered directly to my door.

61Uxmk30fRLBecause of the health concerns of conventional cleaning products, I try to avoid those with harmful ingredients such as Triclosan.
Ecos Dishmate is a dish soap I can use without worrying that I will break out while it does its job well.
It is suitable for those with skin sensitivities, sensitivities to scents, and vegans, and has an overall rating of “Excellent” on GoodGuide.com

You can get Ecos Dishmate Apricot on Amazon now!
Also available Lavender, Free & Clear, Almond and Grapefruit

Dawn Dishsoap has a GoodGuide rating of fair, with a health rating of 0, due to its potentially dangerous ingredients.

Question: Have you tried earth-friendly products? If you have, which one is your favorite? If not, why have you decided not to? Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. I use ECOS Dishmate as well. I’ve been using natural products all of my adult life, so I can’t really compare it to the dangerous stuff, but I would definitely say Ecos Dishmate works better than other natural products. Plus, you can’t beat the price! I Another thing I like about this product is that they list all the ingredients. Some companies are so shady about their ingredients. Great review on this product!

    1. Thank you Candace. I was not too happy with the quality of some of the natural product competitors – Seventh Generation is much weaker in comparison than Ecos for example. Glad you have stuck with natural products for so long – they are worth it, in every way. Blessings!

  2. Hi Claidia, I am so happy to find your site! I have doubts every time I want to buy something. I always wonder if something else is better. When I find something nice and cheap, I find it hard to belive that its quality is high. Than I always end up with same dilema: is it better to buy something that I like even if it isn’ t quality enough, or to buy something that appear to be quality, but with poor design. I always needed this kind of help, with personal experience and strong oppinion that you share on your site! I hope your site, and your experience and advices will save me much time!
    Just keep going!

    1. well thank you, Amely – I have an opinion just about everything, lol. Stay tuned for more interesting reviews coming up soon – blessings!

  3. Hi Claudia, my main concern with using dishsoap is that they make my hands very dry. So much so, the skin around the finger tips would start to break (and sometimes bleed) within an hour after wash.

    I am determine to look for something that my skin can agree on. Between Dawn and Ecos, which one has better moisturizing effect based on your experience? Thanks!

    1. in that regard, Ecos and Dawn are about the same, with Ecos irritating my skin less, but I have no experience with extremely dry skin. Neither of them dried my hands out completely, but I do recommend to always use dishwashing gloves when doing dishes – also invest in a really good moisturizer, and apply it consistently. Good luck

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